Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Part E

I'm planning on pinging 80 on January 31, the second Saturday of Lunar Festival, at 4 PM server time (server is appropriately on US Pacific time). I'll hit 80 by talking to Valadar Starsong in Nighthaven, the town in Moonglade.

Anyone reading this blog can come. If you want, you can just show up at Moonglade by the questgiver Valadar Starsong, though to get the invitation, you'll need to buy at least 3 silver worth of fireworks, so you might need to level up a bit.

However, you can whisper me, or my banker Rococo, and I'll invite you into my guild. You won't be able to take items out of the guild bank, but you can withdraw 1 gold from it to buy fireworks, and you can invite friends into the guild (as long as the free 1 gold doesn't get out of hand)

If you want to come as a Horde character, you can see if my level 1 Maiev version of Reinisch is online, but since he's on another person's account that I'm mooching off of for this ocassion, I won't be on him as often. He has a guild ("Pacifist" instead of "The Pacifist" since guild names can't be identical even across factions), and he will be at the party, too (but AFK most of the time). Since he won't have a guild bank, Reinisch will have to mail or hand out money.

It would probably be better, especially for people wanting to attend as Horde, to try and set things up on this blog by leaving messages. This will allow me to mail you money instead of needing both of us on at the same time.

If it is close to the start of the party and you do not yet have a character created, create an Alliance character. Reinisch will probably be AFK, while Noor (or any other Alliance partier) can invite you from any of the starting areas and you can just head to the nearest capital city and withdraw a gold to do the quest to get to Moonglade.

Invited Guest List

I'll be inviting specific players to attend, some on Maiev, some from other realms.

All guests that appear to be active players should have gotten an invitation today (Sunday, Jan 25) on Maiev, with party gifts. I'll send out a reminder email on the day of the party.

People from other realms attending as Alliance level 1 alts on my guest list can join The Pacifist guild, withdraw up to 10 gold, and use items in the first guild tab (clothes, offhand items, fishing rods, etc). Horde level 1 alts can join the Pacifist guild, can get 10 gold, and Reinisch will have many of the same items (but no guild bank).

Here is the proposed guest list; if I have forgotten anyone, please remind me and I'll add you.

Gweryc (haven't been able to contact yet; you there, Gweryc?)
Gutrot (but I really can't contact him, he's on a EU server)

From Maiev:
Ving, maker of fine leather goods (and potions, via an alt)
Lucyindasky, and
Rubyßagonya, Auchindoun tower dailies
Coopthar, quest helper as healer
Karlana, Mekgineer's Chopper mechanic (it would take me 8 months to grind the reputation)
Phobomancer, Noor fan and fellow zombie (for a while)
Ugora and
Femalice, more fans

Formerly from Maiev:
Mephisston, Scarab Lord of Maiev
Wildbill, engineer of my Goblin Rocket Helmet and many Flash Bombs when I didn't have the know-how

From The Venture Co (Reinisch's realm)
Reinisch, my pacifist undead priest
Ddori, fan and quest helper, and will act as Horde translator via a gnome warlock Wdori.
Ahimsah, co-pacifist quester with Reinisch, she's 5 levels higher than Reinisch!

From El's Anglin
El (also unlikely due to EU server)

From wowinsider
Lisa Poisso, 15 minutes of fame writer

Other WOW oddballs (some probably inactive)
Paitaar, pacifist Draenei priest (also unlikely due to EU server)
Peacewalker, pacifist druid (apparently retired)
The Other Ranger, another melee hunter (apparently retired)
Lintilla the pacifist, another pacifist (apparently retired)
Triops, a melee warlock (apparently retired)
Rabbi (below level 10) (apparently retired)
Loben (below level 10) (apparently retired)

(to be added)


Anonymous said...

I made a lvl 1 toon, Dalai. If I don't catch you online soon I could use 10s to get to moonglade :D

See you at the party!

Paitaar said...

Perhaps I could try and get a trial US account and cross the atlantical barrier, but knowing WoW it sounds like it will be a lot of hassle.
Have a nice party :)

Brian Westley said...

Yes, the US and EU clients are sometimes incompatible (depending on patches), and you need to fiddle with realmlist.wtf, so it probably would be a lot of hassle. I'll try to remember to take a movie of the party so you can see it at least. Good luck with your pacifist!

Anonymous said...

Ahimsah will be visiting Maiev for the festival under the same name. I think I already created an alt there when I got an in game mail from you. At the moment though, I don't have internet at home, but I'll bring my laptop somewhere with reliable enough wireless for the party.

Brian Westley said...

OK! I already have a level 1 Reinisch made, with a lot of gold, plus Noor has a lot of level 1-wearable items so you can look more like a higher-level engineering paladin.

Wren said...

I'll be coming. Not that I am anyone famous, though I do play a melee hunter, heh.

El said...

I would love to come, but I don't see an easy way to be there. Have fun.

I'll look forward to your next project with interest...

roguedubb said...

What's with the mega damage that's showing up in your stats on the armory Noor?

Accidental bombing quest or something?

Brian Westley said...

I play Wintergrasp as a non-pacifist, which is where most of the damage is from. Some of their stats are screwy too, I have deaths in 2v2 and 3v3 arenas and I've never done them on Noor.

Max said...

I would love to come, but as I live in EU :(.

I'm looking forward to the movie, and good luck with the priest!

Anonymous said...

NOOR!!!! wildbill will be there to get this party goin!! see you in moonglade!