Saturday, January 31, 2009


Quite a party... Here's Noor dinging 80 in Moonglade by talking to Valadar Starsong:

Even Paitaar made it to Moonglade, though he was early due to the time difference, and human due to being just a trial account. Luckily, Noor ran into him there a few hours before the party so they could chat.

At the party: Mephisston, Ving, Pureblade just made it, Lucyindasky came fashionably late, Wildbill came even later due to computer problems, someone named Allkurne came, and a number of new members of <The Pacifist> guild: Wdori, Paprikka, Rattata, Turinqui, Shantiselkie, and Truece.

Horde guests were Reinisch (me, but AFK), Ahimsah, Ddori (translating for horde via Wdori), all from The Venture Co realm, and Phobomancer, Ugora, and Femalice, level 80s native to Maiev.

I still need to get the Westfall Chicken pet for the horde guests, so Phobomancer, Ugora, and Femalice, if you see Noor and you want to get the chicken, just do /chicken at her and I'll /nod if I can do it then.

Plus, after the party I gave level 1 Wildbill a wild ride in my Mechgineer's Chopper from Ironforge to Stormwind. By the time we were done, he was level 3 just from exploring.


Anonymous said...

Gz man!

Anonymous said...

sorry for being so late man...gratz on 80!!