Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Spirits of Auchindoun

Level 62 opens another daily PvP quest for the same amount of XP as the BG quest; all I need to do is help capture a tower in the Bone Wastes, which can be done about every 6 hours.

This, along with my fishing up a Strange Engine Part about every other day, looks like I can go up a level about every 3 weeks, assuming every level opens up enough quests for me to get 20% towards the next level. This doesn't count seasonal or other unexpected XP.

I did make one blunder; at level 61, I got my Sporeggar reputation up to Friendly, thinking it would open up some new quests. It didn't, it actually removed an XP quest I could have done at level 62 for my first turn-in of Glowcaps; you can't get this quest after hitting Friendly, and you have to be at least level 62, so I missed out on 10k XP (equivalent to one BG or Tower daily).

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