Saturday, August 23, 2008

Guardians of the Altar

I've tried the Guardians of the Altar escort quest a few times, but since Ranshalla is sometimes two levels lower than the Wildkin in the area, and it's possible to get two mobs, I wasn't able to ever finish it using my non-lethal methods (though I could get about 3 of the 5 torches lit).

However, I often use my Goblin teleporter to go to Winterspring and visit Vi'el to see if he has any cheap Felcloth or Gromsblood, and that takes me past Ranshalla, and I always look to see if the Wildkin are cleared out, even though they respawn quickly.

They were gone, so I stealthed and scouted ahead, and saw a couple of horde (70 Orc warrior Gromkur and 60 BE warlock Angrybunni) killing all the WIldkin, so I figured I'd start the quest and see what happens.

They saw Ranshalla, but she isn't killable by horde. I waved, but when Gromkur detected me, he took a chop at me, so I blinded him and ran off a bit until the bleeding stopped and I could re-stealth. But the next time he detected me, he waved, so they both ignored me and kept killing Wildkin and I was finally able to finish this quest and the followup, which was at the first stage of green at level 62, so I got all the 15750 XP.

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