Saturday, March 29, 2008

Reinisch hits 18

Funny story - Thalemar, a priest that Noor knows on the Maiev realm (and managed to grind out the schematic for the Arcanite Dragonling, which nobody seemed to know on that low population server), was transferring to another realm with some friends of his. Turns out he's going to The Venture Co. realm, which is where Reinisch is! So I finally decided to get a portal to Shattrath and set Reinisch's hearth there, so he can run into Thalemar sometime.

In portalling back to Thunder Bluff, I found a quest I had overlooked - Serpentbloom. That also lead to two other quests, the Report to Splintertree Post quest and the followup scout reports in Ashenvale and the The Essence of Aku'Mai quest in Blackfathom Deeps. I tried collecting the essences a couple of times using target dummies, but the sirens with their ranged frostbolts would go after me instead of the dummy. I had decided to skip the quest for now on my second corpse run back, but then I noticed all the mobs were dead. I gathered up some essences and saw that a ?? NE hunter had cleared a lot of the area, so I was able to finish this quest after all.


voyance said...

Thanks! Great Blog!

Betic said...

Hi, awhile ago I read about a pacifist character playing, and that inspired me to start one. After reading up on it, I found out a pacifist is someone that does not resort to violence to settle disputes or war. What would stop you from doing any of the cooking quests? Those are all quests that involve killing animals for food. That is something that is perfectly exceptable by a pacifist. I started doing the cooking quests on my pacifist, but still will only kill them with a fishing pole. I see no reason to level a violent weapon skill ^_^

Tell me your thoughts on this.

Brian Westley said...

Hey betic/cristopher, yes, my pacifists do buy meat from the AH to complete cooking quests (and sometimes had to resort to offering large amounts of money for ingredients that don't often show up at the AH).

Anonymous said...

Hey there!

Thanks for this Blog - it's entertaining and useful.

As an older (34) Old school Role Player, I always enjoyed thieves. I don't video game much, because every game seems to be about fighting. My favourite game ever made was the Thief series, by Looking Glass Studios.

For the same reason, I only just got into WoW. When reading the manual (yes, I did) I realised that I was becoming disappointed by the fact that every quest seemed to be focussed around Killing. I wanted to play a straight out thief!

I had already decided to idly give it a go (after my first character, a Night Elf Hunter, of course, became boring at level 9) when I decided to Google "WoW Pacifist".

Guess who I found.

My Human Rogue (Kyran) is only L3 thus far, but she has already seen more of the world than most L15 characters. It certainly is slow, but MUCH more rewarding than the typical Kill-grind.

I am going to have to save a Macro explaining why I won't join Groups, though....