Thursday, July 8, 2010

Party next Saturday, July 17th

Unless lots of people object, I think I'll have the "ding 80/goodbye Auberdine" party 8 days from now, on Saturday, July 17th.
4 PM realm (central) time

(Note: I had Saturday as July 16th, it's the 17th)

I already have my Horde alt, a level 2 Reinisch on the Auberdine beach, and it's safe for horde there, at least from NPCs. He's by the half-buried & burned catapult just south of the flightpath dock.

Lots of party stuff if you're alliance, horde will have to be BYOB.

Here's a shot on the beach:

My pacifists seem to tend towards a favorite outfit.

Mainchenn was a cook once he got the chef's hat

Noor wore tanky stuff for WSG flag running, but ended up with the most outfits:






Reinisch managed to buy the rare Mechbuilder's Overalls (green) from the AH and caught the sea turtle, so he's a fisherman


Anonymous said...

Acaaju will try to be there.

Carlah said...

Grats yet again good sir, I will be away that weekend.
I'm still trying to bring Carlah along, without any escort quests where I heal them as they kill things, without fishing up helpless fish for profit or food nor doing any food quests or recipes that involve killing animals. I probably won't switch out of herb/tailoring either. Coupled with time on another main or two, leveling goes slowly. But I'll keep plugging away. Like some of your other ideas for post Cata!

Carlah said...

Also Carlah has a Sea-faring outfit I use for fishing (Catch and release only as well as debris and stranglekelp fishing), and my current adventure set which reminds me of a good witch.