Monday, December 14, 2009

The 59 plateau

Unless Winter Veil has changed, I think the only quests I can do are most of Winter Veil for about 18,500 XP, and the Gordok Orge Suit for 6,600 XP, which is 25,100 XP. Since I'm only 2 points into level 59, and it's 172,000 XP to 60, I still have 146,900 XP to get with Northrend exploring and Strange Engine Parts. It would take 12 engine parts to level the rest of the way without exploring.


Anonymous said...

I really enjoy your blog. Greetings from germany! You inspired me and I started a pacifist on an EU server. Already hit level 10 and I will go on. I like this type of playing and your blog gives a lot of information and motivation! Keep on the good work! PEACE!
Rob aka Pirous on Sen'Jin (EU)

Anonymous said...

lol. sry its
Pious not Pirous ;)

Brian Westley said...

Good luck! Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of good seasonal quests until Noblegarden.