Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mainchenn hits level 35

Here are the quests Mainchenn did to get from level 30 to 35:

Mages Deck #1-30
Bad Medicine
James Hyal p1
Malin's Request
James Hyal p2
This Old Lighthouse
Ironband Wants You!
Find Agmond
Reclaimers' Business in Desolace
Vahlarriel's Search p1 (31)
Vahlarriel's Search p2 & p3
The Karnitol Shipwreck p1
Bodyguard for Hire
Kodo Roundup
The Karnitol Shipwreck p2
Pearl Diving
The Green Hills of Stranglethorn (all)
Arena Master
Supplies to Private Thorsen
Jungle Secrets
Bookie Herod
Inspecting the Ruins
Suspicious Hoofprints
Lieutenant Paval Reethe p1
The Black Shield p1
Lieutenant Paval Reethe p2 (32)
Daelin's Men
The Black Shield p2 & p3
Encrypted Letter
Hints of a New Plague?
Letter to Stormpike
Further Mysteries
Traitors Among Us
Propaganda War
Discrediting the Deserters
Wharfmaster Dizzywig
Parts for Kravel
Delivery to the Gnomes
The Rumormonger
The Haunted Isle
The Stone of the Tides
Krazek's Cookery
Favor for Krazek
Return to Corporal Kaleb
The Hidden Key
The Spy Revealed!
Patrol Schedules
Report to Doren (33)
Help Watcher Biggs
The Lost Supplies
Draenethyst Crystals
Morgan Stern
The Orc Report
Stinky's Escape
Captain Vimes
Barbecued Buzzard Wings
Solution to Doom
To Ironforge for Yagyin's Digest
Reclaimed Treasures
Stormwind Library (0 XP)
Mythology of the Titans
(explored most of Stranglethorn Vale)
(explored Desolace)
Mages Deck #31-33 (34)
Brother Anton
The Ensorcelled Parchment
Stormpike's Deciphering
Gizelton Caravan
(explored Swamp of Sorrows)
Costumed Orphan Matron
Fire Brigade Practice
Smash the Pumpkin (3100 XP)
Candy Bucket (Goldshire) (1550 XP)
Candy Bucket (Dalaran x 3)
Candy Bucket (Ironforge)
Stop the Fires!
Candy Bucket (Kharanos)
Candy Bucket (Thelsamar)
Candy Bucket (Menethil Harbor)
The Power of Pine
Candy Bucket (Southshore)
Candy Bucket (Light's Hope Chapel)
Candy Bucket (Aerie Peak)
Crashing the Wickerman Festival
Candy Bucket (Stormwind)
Stop the Fires!
Smash the Pumpkin
Candy Bucket (Sentinel Hill)
Candy Bucket (Lakeshire) (35)

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