Thursday, May 28, 2009

Chasing A-Me 01

I was finally able to do the last part of Chasing A-Me 01 when I checked and saw that most of the apes were gone. A-Me only had to deal with about 4 apes, all outside the cave, and a couple of tar pit elementals near the end. An level 51 Night Elf (Triblade) even helped with the last tar pit elemental right near the end.

A player named Fionn in Thunder Bluff put out a Foam Sword Rack; if only the swords didn't vanish when you log out like all conjured items, it would be a perfect weapon for Reinisch (and Noor).

Addendum: I was also able to finally complete Screecher Spirits while it was still green; a couple of high-level Alliance characters were running around killing all the mobs, which allowed me to finally finish it.

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