Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Noor doing quest: Escape from Umbrafen

My usual method of keeping the escort healed up and letting them do the fighting. Some horde had cleared out part of the area just a bit earlier, and I used a Cenarion Expedition Flare at one point to get extra help:


Paitaar said...

Fascinating story, never really thought of that although I used to play nethack sometimes as "pacifist", which has that among other challenges (never ascended though, only ascended once with an elven wizard without handicaps). I started to make a pacifist character in WoW too. Paitaar (Defias Brotherhood EU), a Draenei priest from some order with a strict code forbidding all kinds of violence against living beings, (similar to the Vinaya of Buddhist monks and nuns). Right now stuck on level 8, with all starting zones explored, the 10-20 zones up to the flight points. He did buy meat for some cooking quests (made gold by selling copper and herbs), but there are 4 quests, one in each starting zone which involv just picking up objects, but he can't do because aggro from monsters... No seasonal quest yet.

Next (desparate) step will be travveling via BB to Ratchet and try the neutral quest near the Orgrimmar gates...

Brian Westley said...

Hey, Nethack, some of my code is in that. I'm in the credits as "Merlyn LeRoy", my net nickname:

I haven't tried Nethack as a pacifist, but I did for King's Field II on the Playstation; got to the endgame castle to the savepoint before the final boss (your cursed father) as a level 1 character. I only had to kill one red mushroom that I couldn't move past as it blocked the path between Lake Noel and Passage of Thieves.