Friday, May 23, 2008

Noor doing quest: Freedom for all Creatures

I managed to do this escort/rescue quest in Feralas, but it took two tries...

The quest involves freeing a cage full of Sprite Darters, and having at least six Darters and the NPC Kindal Moonweaver survive. My plan was to take an Oil of Immolation potion at the start and run around to grab all the aggro, open the cage, run off and throw down a target dummy, and just delay long enough for the quest to succeed. However, the attacks by Kindal and the sprites outweighed the aggro I generated with the potion, so everyone was fighting anyway. I threw down a dummy near the cage (since the druids weren't following me away from the cage), and tried to save Kindal, but she died, and I failed the quest.

However, after I ran off and got out of combat, I looked around and noticed that there weren't many druids left (those sprites are tougher than they look). So I immediately re-ran the quest, this time concentrating on keeping Kindal alive using my usual methods of target dummy, bandage, etc. I could hear more sprite/druid fights, but stuck with her, and when she survived, I completed the quest. Unfortunately, I can't get any more of the Sprite quest because I'd have to do a druid-killing quest as a prerequisite.

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