Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Reinisch Does Redridge

I found out recently that the kids on the dock in Redridge will give their quest to horde players too, so Reinisch made the long journey for a still-green quest. Notice that you can't quite get the quest from the water...


Anonymous said...

That's a fun one, I happened to find out about it while my pacifist palidin was at level 15. It was probably that and 'Searching for the Lost Satchel' that let me get to 16 before I had to resort to starting bg's for experience.
Even though those level skull guards attack you, for me also it was a silly Dranei mage that was the only obstacle in finishing the quest.
Is that a fishing hat by the way? Congratulations!
Still thinking about transferring to Venture Co. She's level 18 and 3/4 now, but I have to clear her extra things out of her bank toon's mailbox in order to move, and come up with a new identity since there is already a 70 with her uncreative name on Reinisch's server.
By the way, if you haven't you should check the auction house for 'dig rats' for a Barren's cooking quest. I've got 4 of the 8 but they're hard to come by. People in Barrens are making fun of me for offering gold for any extras they might have.

-Ahimsa, lvl 18 palidin, Twisting Nether

Brian Westley said...

Dig Rats is yet another Horde quest I've missed. The Venture Co. is an older server, so there's a lot in the AH, maybe I won't have so much trouble.

Yes, I got the fishing hat! 800+ hit points and +70-85 healing depending what I wear.

Dorgol said...

I thought priest's Levitate would allow them to walk on water? Wouldn't that have allowed you to get the quest?

Regardless, I'm very impressed with getting a character to 40 with no killing.

Brian Westley said...

Yes, but a level 18 priest doesn't have the levitate spell yet, you need to be level 34.

Anonymous said...

Ding! I found all the rats I needed on the auction house and also did 'Free from the Hold' which I'd been avoiding since I set aside my target dummies for a while to do some leatherworking quests.
This is exciting.

Ahimsa, lvl 19 paladin, TN.

Brian Westley said...

Reinisch managed to buy 8 dig rats from the auction house too, so he only needs a few more WSG dailies to hit 19.

Brian Westley said...

By the way, what leatherworking quest(s) did you do? I don't see any on wowhead for horde at level 19. But I think I'll drop mining for a short bit to take herbalism so I can do "Root Samples" in Ratchet.

Anonymous said...

I've been inspired by this blog and am strating a blood elf pacifist priest. It's a challenging way of life, but rewarding just for being a challenge.

I dueled a level one mage when I was level 3. One mana drain and she could not do much, and I just healed. She eventually got bored and ran off. But it's a very different and good way to PvP.

Level 6 is pretty cool for power word shield though. Should make life much more bearable. :D