Monday, December 24, 2007

Kick and Blind?

In tests with my my first incarnation of Noor and on the public test realm, it looks like Kick is no longer considered an unarmed skill and won't make my unarmed skill go up. The same seems to be true of Blind, but I can't get that until level 34 (and I would want to test it on the PTR first). Sap is still off limits, though. But having Kick and then Blind will really help.

Reinisch has been busy doing all the WSG dailies that come along, and he's only about 3 away from getting to level 16. But it looks like level 16 will be nearly all WSG dailies; he can get sent to talk to Ziz Fizziks, but he won't do A Little Dash of Seasoning.

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